For many decades, the Hamburg-based company NORA-RASEN has been known for the exclusive quality of its rolled turf and its maintenance. According to statistics, 90% of all existing green spaces hardly deserve the name "lawn". Time to change something.

The Ciao Bella store in Flensburg was completed in the middle of the current lockdown. Now the wait for the opening is already going into overtime. But the people of Flensburg would finally like to try the delicious food.

The sun is already very pleasantly warming in these mild February days, but the wind is sometimes still a bit fresh. The wind block provides a remedy here. Simply visit us at and enjoy the sun without prying eyes and cool wind.

The chocolate manufacturer Daja Chocolate from Uetersen now appears with a new logo. The new logo consists of a curved signet that reflects the handmade production and the company name as a clear sender.